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Is the changing business environment proving to be a challenge for your enterprise?

C8eLOGISTICS is positioned to offer you a suite of IT products to help you gain a competitive advantage and prosper in the new global market.

We have state of the art resources to ensure that you can obtain the most appropriate intelligence and assistance as follows:

  • Application of appropriate technology to suit your company's needs and ensure benefits are experienced
  • Creation of systems and processes, within your company's supply chain, to ensure maximum benefit
  • Process modification, enhancement or re-engineering to ensure your company's productivity, and obtain economies of scale
  • Manage inventory and order processing systems to ensure greatest possible advantage from keeping lower stock levels and other economies of scale and scope, without compromising service levels

C8eLOGISTICS can provide you with award winning IT software solutions to help you automate manage and control your supply chain and integrate it seamlessly into your systems.

Our fully integrated product suite of solutions includes Collabor8™®, Xbnet™ and C8WMS™ all award-winning Supply Chain Management software that allows you to maximize your supply chain visibility and optimisation.



Faster. Higher. Stronger.

Think about those promises you made to your customers…

If your warehouse operations can't deliver those 'extraordinary' achievements, you aren't meeting your commitment.

  • faster order turnaround times
  • higher profit margins
  • stronger customer loyalty
  • reduced warehousing costs
  • increased throughput volumes

Thanks to C8eLOGISTICS' Warehouse Management System, these are no longer unrealistic tasks. The era of real enterprise visibility for the warehouse is here. Today.

From the front office, through the warehouse and out on the road, C8eLOGISTICS puts personalised, real-time WMS information right at your fingertips. Anytime. Anywhere. When you're better informed, you're able to work smarter and make better decisions. And keep your promises.

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C8eLOGISTICS' Internet-based supply chain management tool Collabor8™®allows full visibility and let's you manage processes, inventories and other events that take place across your complex supply chain.

Collabor8™® manages information over heterogeneous systems and multiple tiers; it senses, responds and measures, solving problems in real time at every stage of the supply chain process; and Collabor8™® creates a community of businesses that can link together in a responsive and adaptable supply chain.

Currently this allows our customers to track shipments for milestones that are directly under C8FREIGHTWORKS' control. Our customers can track a shipment from purchase order creation through to actual delivery (also having the ability to drill down to line items or product codes – SKU levels), including all major milestones through that supply chain. If you have not implemented EDI, Collabor8™® includes web-enabled EDI forms for them to enter the data. If you have implemented EDI, it will further enhance your capability.

Download the Collabor8™® Brochure – click here

See the benefits of Collabor8™® – Coming Soon

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This ability to manage your shipments from booking to delivery will effectively transform your office desktop computer into a full freight management portal.

Planning. Automation. Visibility.

Not words you would normally associate with transportation management software. Until now.
Whilst traditional, bolt-on transportation management solutions focus on dock-level execution, C8eLOGISTICS' transport management software goes beyond this and is designed with your entire organisation in mind.

From simple, traditional multi-carrier operations to high-volume, highly automated shipping organisations, C8eLOGISTICS’ transportation management software is ready for integration into your business flow — ready for complete shipping automation.

Our solutions go the extra mile to deliver flawless, accurate and timely shipping. The net results are lower operating costs, very happy customers, and a TMS (Transport Management System) that's a real strategic part of your business...

One that delivers more than just packages.

Key Capabilities

Multi-carrier management

Cost Savings through automation

Advanced capabilities

Reporting and Analysis

Multi-carrier management

  • Multi-carrier compliance
  • Freight rating and shipping for both small package and LTL shipments
  • Flexible, sophisticated routing guide for smart carrier recommendations

Cost Savings through automation

  • Automated production of shipping documents and labels
  • Automation that eliminates the need for a separate shipping step altogether
  • Real-time integration with other business systems
  • Electronic manifesting and POD

Advanced capabilities

  • Ready for multi-site enterprise operations out-of-the-box
  • Web solutions that enable application and distributed real-time information sharing
  • Shipment consolidation

Reporting and Analysis

  • Comprehensive shipment tracking, including in-transit shipment visibility
  • E-mail shipment notification
  • Powerful "money-saver" analysis tools
  • Management reporting

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