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C8SCM is the consulting arm of the C8GROUP and offers consulting, professional advisory services, IT and logistics solutions and expertise across a broad spectrum of companies. Our solutions are global in reach. Our aim is to offer solutions that enable multiple trading partners to share information, synchronise processes, optimise assets, lower costs and improve supply chain performance by achieving quantifiable and sustainable improvements in inventory, cost and service level performance.

The C8SCM team is comprised of expert supply chain management professionals with tertiary qualifications, comprehensive, hands-on, strategic and operational management knowledge. We pride ourselves in not only understanding the theory of supply chain management, but our proven record demonstrates our ability to implement and execute plans, be actual practitioners and project leaders. Our experienced professional team consists of consultants, analysts, developers, coaches and mentors, client support, finance and administration, business development and consulting and management teams.

Our consulting arm undertakes all business under strict confidentiality agreements ensuring secure integrity of data and complete confidentiality at all times. Our clients include industry organisations, (fashion, FMCG, pharmaceutical, hi-tech, automotive, retail and non-profit) as well as various academic organisations and institutions.

When it comes to the supply chain, knowledge and visibility are the true factors in controlling costs – the more you know, the better you can negotiate contracts, reduce shipping costs and control inventory. Monitoring changes in rates (fuel, new charges) is difficult at best and you could undoubtedly miss substantial savings in your supply chain. C8SCM provides you with the opportunity to improve your logistics program and reduce your overall logistics costs as well as improving processes and efficiencies. Our proprietary analytic tools, processes, and industry experts have successfully reduced costs for our clients, with an average savings of 10-20%. Contact us to start realising your savings today and we will book in a consultation, audit and analysis with you. how does Animale CBD Male Enhancement Gummies. . Let's KETO לקנות בישראל ערים בישראל בהן ניתן לקנות KETO . Let's KETO Gummies. Let KETO Gummies.