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Welcome to the Investor section of the C8GROUP Web site!

Join us here, once a quarter, where our management will share their views on our company's on-going initiatives and achievements, from both financial and business points of view.

A Word from our Owners

We are pleased to report the growth of the C8GROUP has continued profitability in spite of the global economic climate. During the quarter, we have signed a significant number of agreements, improved our recurring revenue, solidified our backlog and generated cash from operations.

Key business highlights included the following:

  • Signing of a substantial number of agreements with new and existing customers
  • Successful deployment of our software initiatives at many customer facilities across all of our targeted verticals leading to more industry recognised Awards
  • Achievement of a good level of performance, as demonstrated by double-digit growth since our inception in 2000

Although the economic climate clearly impacted decision making, resulting in slower product sales during the third quarter of fiscal 2009, bookings for products and services by existing clients continued at a solid pace.

We are pleased that our business development initiatives continue to be strong and our sales pipeline continues to be healthy.  Moving forward, we remain cautiously optimistic about our business opportunities while continuing to monitor the changing landscape.

Thank you for your on-going support and we look forward to any feedback that you may have about the C8GROUP.



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